Here are the goals we have set as main product roadmap targets for the next period.

In 2022

  • 1st public MVP release, focused on adding core graph features and PGQL capabilities to the available SQL engine
  • Full ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) support
  • 1st JDBC driver release
  • 1st REST API v1 release
  • 1st Web manager tool release
  • Docker and Kubernetes support
  • 1st release of the public documentation

In 2023

  • Full compatibility with PGQL graph query language
  • Compatibility with LDBC benchmark
  • Dedicated graph visualization and graph analysis tool 1st release
  • Full support for Linux, MacOS and Windows
  • Full cloud support
  • High-Availability support
  • Security enhancements
  • Comprehensive documentation, trainings, demo apps
  • Commercial technical support services
  • Create ArniaDB partnership network
  • Release our first community free release
On longer-term, 2024 and forward, our product roadmap is set on achieving the following main targets:
  • Enhance support for HA
  • Enhance support for security features (TDE, communication protocol, on-demand data encryption etc.)
  • Data migration advanced support
  • AI/ML features integration
  • Compatibility with known cloud platforms such as Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon
  • Establishment of regional presence offices, in EU and in the US