Our Startup

Our startup – named ArniaDB, the same as our flagship product, was founded in late 2021. The company is organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The ownership is currently shared between a group of members – the business founders and our main financial partner – Arnia Software.

We plan to accept equity investors who will provide funding in exchange for a share of ownership. We will be open also to become a public company, where the shares will be available for anyone to buy and sell on the open market.

We are located in Bucharest, Romania. Our offices are located downtown, in the same office building where our main financing partner – Arnia Software, is located.

We envision ourselves in 5 years from now as a major player in the multi-model database solutions, with our company becoming a technology leader in this market segment, driving innovation, and actively contributing to the growth of applications using multi-model databases.

We see us having a strong local presence not only in European countries but also in the US and Asia. We expect to have more than 300 employees, 10 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 100 clients and an annual revenue of approximately 100 mill EUR coming from licenses, subscriptions, and services.

Our services include consultancy for solutions design, custom developments ranging from database customization to applications using our product as a back-end database.

We aim to build a strong community rallied behind our product, contributing with tools and applications to the solution ecosystem.