Relational databases have been present in all the digital business initiatives for many years. On the other hand, in the past decade the graph databases are transforming these initiatives into digital business powerhouses by transforming complex linked data into meaningful relationships, to help deliver real-time deep analytics and action.

The key industry problem we solve in our product is to combine these two types of different databases in a single native product that will offer the full capabilities of both worlds – relational databases and graph databases. Our solution – ArniaDB, will free the users from the need to use and maintain different database products, and to invest significant resources to make them work together.

ArniaDB key facts

  • We can store specific graph associated relational data in the same place where we have the native graph database and the graph processing engine.
  • We offer both relational and graph high-grade industry standard features in the same single native product.
  • We simplify solutions architecture. We do not mix existing/legacy RDBMS data with graph specific/associated data.
  • We design for flexibility. Our solution can be used as strict RDBMS-only solution, or as a strict graph-only database solution.
  • This is a high-performance product; everything is implemented native.
  • Your primary source database is not altered.
  • A single connection type is needed in your application to access all graph data, including the graph processing results.

We deliver a unified, fully native solution, easy to deliver and to maintain, available both on-premises and in the cloud, fully compatible with database industry standards and featuring a comprehensive graph algorithms library.

ArniaDB can also be used as a very performant standalone relational-only solution (without the graph features), or as a dedicated standalone graph-only database solution. There are no limits on how you can use ArniaDB as your database solution; moreover, ArniaDB also offers out-of-the-box NoSQL capabilities.


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