Our offer for ArniaDB includes:

  • Individual product licenses acquisition.
  • Subscriptions, targeting longer-term support (including new releases availability).
  • Services: consultancy services, development services & technical support. See more here.


We will offer various types of ArniaDB releases, to best match your requirements:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Basic Edition


We will also support product adoption and the growth of a supporting community by providing free licenses for the community edition releases.

The prices for the various types of licenses will become available once we will make available the first public release. Early internal releases are available to the early product adopters at no charge.


We emphasis that we offer deep product customization services, to best fit the individual customer needs. No two customers have the same requirements, and an optimal solution requires personalization and customization work. Our team can help with designing and implementing the best architecture for your solution and with customizing ArniaDB to best fit your solutions.


Contact us if you are interested in using ArniaDB.