Welcometo ArniaDB

Our startup was founded in 2021, with the mission to deliver high-quality and highly-performant solutions in the area of multi-model databases.

Our flagship product—ArniaDB, is a modern native multi-model database management system, combining powerful relational and graph data processing capabilities in the same core engine.

By using ArniaDB, businesses can develop efficient and cost-effective solutions that will allow them to process and analyze data to extract new types of valuable business information.

We are building a top technology software product, compliant with the modern IT industry standards, working both on-premises and in the cloud.

Why ArniaDB—our modern multi-model database solution

Most IT solutions are based on using relational data as their primary source data (they use Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, DB2, Azure SQL or other RDBMS). Sometimes they use NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, Dynamo DB etc.). On the other hand, many modern IT solutions include a graph data processing component, needed for social networks analysis, e-commerce product recommendations, 360 customer views, fraud detection, root-cause analysis, transportation optimization/supply chain mapping, knowledge graphs and many other scenarios that require data connectivity analysis, lately also including AI/ML features.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and many more are taking advantage of the graph databases, to process highly-dynamic, highly-connected big data.


The problem is that by adding an extra graph-only database engine to your solution to do all the graph data processing is not an optimal solution approach:

  • Where and how do you store intermediate data before it gets to the graph native structure?
  • Where and how do you store and deliver the graph data processing results (which you likely need to consume from a relational structure/ a classic SQL table)?
  • Where and how do you store history/historical results (graph structures are not optimized for temporal data)?
  • Do you have an easy way to exchange real-time data between the graph engine and the solution relational engine?

The usual approach is that you will have to use your existing primary source relational database to hold also specific data associated with graph processing (results, historical data, intermediate data etc.). This means that data will have to travel forth and back between the relational database and the graph database. In your end-client application the graph component will have to deal with two different databases. There will be performance penalties and increased complexity in implementation and maintenance.

So how about having both graph and relational capabilities in the same single database?

Our solution is innovative, modern, 100% native implemented, optimal and offers high-grade compatibility with both relational/SQL and graph/PGQL standards:

  • Everything related to graph data processing is stored in the same multi-model database.
  • We provide top-performance data processing – everything is implemented native, in the database core.
  • Your primary source relational database is not polluted/altered with extra-data, temporary or not.
  • A single connection type is needed to access all related graph data, including the graph processing results.
  • Combining SQL queries with PGQL queries is easy and natural.

Visit here to learn more about ArniaDB, the advantages it offers and how it can help you.

Our company is located in Bucharest, Romania – one of the best and most dynamic locations in EU for the IT industry, fully embracing the European values and culture. We also have technology consultants and database specialists working with us from the US, Ireland, and South Korea. You can find more about our team here.


We welcome your feedback, your suggestions, and your proposals of collaboration, including being a part of our startup and why not, join our ArniaDB product team. So please contact us.